Tuesday, January 6, 2009

How to start your own small business (ideas)

OK i first i want to welcome all the new subscribers when i started this i didn't imagine i would get such a good response. I want to start off this weeks lesson with probably the most important part of your small business venture the small business idea.
We all have ideas but i suggest running them through a kind of test. Try to disprove them from a critics point of view if your idea holds up than you have a winning small business idea.
Here are some questions u wanna ask yourself. Is my idea original? Is anyone else doing it? If not why hasn't anyone else done it? If someone has done it, are they doing well? Is there some way you can improve on what they are doing? Is there demand for what you wanna create? Will you enjoy what you are doing? Money is important but if that's your only motivation and you don't like what your doing you will never be as successful as you want to be! Do u have the resources to make it happen and to do it better than everyone else!?
One thing u should also do is think realistically i have learned this the hard way. Just because you have an idea and it looks good on paper doesn't mean it will work! If you plan to invest a lot of money and time into this venture than please do your research if you have any questions feel free to comment below or email me ill put my email address on the top right of this page.
And like always

Sunday, December 21, 2008

How to start your own small business (Introduction)

I just wanted to welcome all the new subscribers to
how to start your own small business. This coming week I would like to cover a couple things. First i want to explain who I am, why I'm doing this and how we can ALL benefit from each other!
OK, first off my name is Kyle I'm 26 years old.. I'm based out of the U.S.A. I started this site because I thought I could help other people out from my own experiences and I could learn more at the same time.(You never stop learning.)
Think of this site as a coop. A cooperation between all of us. If I don't know something the next person will . If you need something email me or leave a comment and I will help you. I want to see you guys succeed! But let me explain my self a little more .
I worked various jobs... McDonald's, vinyl siding installer, salesman,warehouse work, lumberjack (yes I said lumber jack lol). And the list goes on and on. I was always a great employee\ I was brought up with the mentality that you get a job and you keep it until you excel to the top and you never miss a day of work and that was your life. \
I started my own business buying seafood at whole sale prices and selling at retail prices TRUST ME you can do this! And I will show you how!
This is not a get rich scheme. There are NO get rich schemes unless you are the federal government. Everything takes work but the way I feel about
So for the next couple days your homework assignment is simple. I want you to get excited about your future. I want you to tell yourself you can do this,because you can you just gotta keep an open mind and think positive AND I WILL TEACH YOU THE REST!
IF i have to hold your hand and show you the way I WILL. I want everyone that subscribes to this site to be successful and i will do whatever it takes to get this done! So if you are new here welcome to how to start your own small business!

And like always if u have not subscribed yet do so now!